More Details Shehbazsoft was established in 2002. We are working as a software company in a market where most of the people are unknown to even the word computer. We being a Pakistani wanted to make our nation also well informed to the IT world. It was a hard job. We wanted it to be shred at such a place where it would be completely new. We found the place and it was the gold market. The gold markets of Pakistan are still in the dark world. They still don’t know the importance of the computer world that is how the IT word is roaming around us. It is like a part of our body now days. We are a developing nation and all fields need a touch of development.
Development now a days means acknowledgement to the IT world. So we decided why not computerize the gold field. We are the innovators in this regard. We first applied our software at a wholesaler shop. We faced few problems in the starting months but then with the blessings of almighty Allah today we stand at a position that our customers are completely satisfied with our work.
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