Shehbazsoft as we said is the first one to enter in the gold market. But we have an advantage that helps us to make our customers happier. The advantage is that we our selves have a very old relation to the gold market. We worked as a wholesaler, retailer, and manufacturer and at the laboratory stage also.

More Details
More Details
We had the idea that what are the needs of all these people. We knew their problems and these problems only helped us out to make better software. Thus this explanation is enough to say that we are more corporative then any other software dealer. We know all the calculations, technical problems occurring in the software and it is easier for us to give the training because we are the ripe fruits of the same tree.

We deliver our product at the doorstep. We believe in reading faces, hearing their problems directly from our customers. We think that hearing directly to their problems makes the software building and customization a lot easier. It is quite convenient for the customer to stay at his own residence and explain the problems occurring right at the moment. This increases their confidence on the company. The bond becomes quite strong when we are giving them full and confident time. They also have an advantage of our service that is basically every part of their customized software is completely secure. No other shops would know their information be cause every thing is discussed under one roof and that is their own private roof.

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